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Monday, April 4, 2011

Virgin Post

Alright, so this is a blog, and I am a blogger. Wow.
First, let me thank you for taking this little time out of your day to read whatever nonsense I'm about to post. You can expect nature photography, recommendations, artistic commentary, the retelling of some great stories, and discussion of my ongoing journey toward a self sustaining lifestyle (including photographic evidence.)  We're all looking for something. Something we can't put our finger on. For some people that includes tracing their family trees, or the endless cycle of reaching for and defining success. Some people are isolated and need interaction and others are overexposed. My journey is about finding a balance between what is real and what isn't. God sometimes comes into play, and sometimes doesn't. After years of life as a performer, I have been enjoying a well earned break. However, each day, I struggle to define myself without that hard won identity. That's what I have set out to do. If I'm not a struggling musician, what am I?
Maybe together we can figure it out. Please join me for conversation and information on my new blog....A Girl and A Mountain.